Feast & Lunch Menus

Trying to replicate a Medieval Feast can be quite a challenge. Medieval Feasts were often very expensive affairs and grand displays of conspicuous consumption. When I design a feast I must take into consideration a modest budget, and make the most of it that I can. I also take into consideration some of the most prevalent food restrictions.

A typical course that I create will feature six dishes. Of these six dishes, I prefer to have two meat dishes, two (ovo-lacto) vegetarian dishes, and two vegan dishes. I find this basic menu design takes care of 90% of the food restrictions that I have encountered. I also provide a full ingredient list on the menus that are distributed to the feast attendees, so they may make a final decision. I do not anticipate that each dish will be enjoyed by everyone, nor that a single person will enjoy every dish. Portion sizes may be dependent upon how much time scheduled between courses.

It is likely that being the Head Cook of an elaborate feast is now in the past, due to a knee injury that occurred in 2016, I look forward to helping other Head Cooks plan their menus.