Across the Hills

These articles were published in Across the Hills, the newsletter of the Barony of Endless Hills in the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

Medieval Pies for the Holidays.pdf

The Æstel

These articles were published in the Æstel, the newsletter of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.

Mustard Sauce.pdf

The Gull

The Articles below were originally Published for "The Gull", the newsletter for the Province of Southern Shores (Principality of the Mists, West Kingdom) where I lived during the first 15 years I was involved in the SCA. Some of these articles could definitely use some revision, but I include them here to remind myself where my journey began.

The Preparation of Liquamen - Published September 1996

Stuffed Eggs - Published September 1997

Spiced Honey Walnuts - Published Fall 2001

Roman Cabbages - Published Spring 2000

Roast of Kings - Published June 1998

Quail - Published June 1998

Pie Crusts - Published May 1998

Hen in Broth - Published Spring 2001

Emplumeus de pomes - Published May 1999

Dariolles - Published January 1998

Condimentum in Aubellionen - Published January 1996

Chicken in Cream Sauce with Pasta - Published February 1996