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Books in Cookbooks and Cooking 

Project Gutenberg 

Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library 

The Academia Barilla Gastronomic Library is home to real masterpieces from the history of Italian gastronomy. The books are currently available to the public at the on-site library in the Academia Barilla Culinary Center. To further promote the culture of food and Italian cuisine, Academia Barilla has published a series of the collection in digital format, allowing people to view the books freely online. The digital library will grow with time, ultimately becoming a full collection of historic Italian food writing. 

The Sifter - Search the World of Food

The Sifter is a publicly available searchable database and is designed to be a tool to aid in finding, identifying and comparing historical and contemporary writing on food and related topics.  

Online Medieval Sources Bibliography 

An Annotated Bibliography of Printed and Online Primary Sources for the Middle Ages 

Historical Culinary & Brewing Documents Online 

Online Culinary History Network project to online research library and network of historical culinary texts, dating from earliest times to the year 1700.

Oxford Bibliographies on Medieval Studies 

Section on Society and Culture has Food related articles.


 Books in Persian exclusively devoted to the prepa­ration of food 

Helewyse de Birkestad Bibliography on Italian Cooking Manuscripts 

A brief bibliography containing many of the wonderful and interesting Italian cooking manuscripts yet to be translated into English with comments and availability.

Medieval Cookery - Online Cookbooks 

A list of texts freely available online relating to medieval food and cooking.

Medieval Cookery - Recommended Books 

A list of books recommended by the folks at Medieval Cookery

Cookbooks, Culinary Arts, Culinary History : Cookbook Collections 

Resources for celebrating and examining foodways through cookbooks and other food research and writing

Monumenta Culinaria et Diaetetica Historica 

Corpus of culinary & dietetic texts of Europe from the Middle Ages to 1800 by Thomas Gloning

A Cookery Bibliography 

by Wulfric of Creigull