Cooking Equipment & Utensils

The links provided below are to web sites that have historical information about cooking equipment & utensils as well as some purveyors of cooking equipment & utensils that were more common in the cuisine of the Middle Ages & Renaissance.

Informational Links

Old & Interesting 

Antique household equipment, furnishings, utensils - housekeeping as part of social history. Domestic life, household management - how people ran their homes and did the daily chores. Yesterday's everyday objects are today's antiques or museum pieces, making us curious about past ways of life.

Roman silver spork 

Silver spoon and fork Roman, ca. 3rd century AD Gift of Malcolm Wiener on the occasion of the reinstallation of the Greek and Roman Galleries, 2006 (2006.514.3)

Versuch einer Kücheninventur – Kochutensilien im 12. Jahrhundert 

Attempt at a kitchen inventory - cooking utensils in the 12th century


Disclaimer: I do not specifically endorse any of the following, but they may have supplies you are interested in.