Food Histories

The following articles and websites are devoted to the history of culinary interest.

Ancient Eats 

BBC series that puts trendy foods and dishes back into their ‘authentic’ context, exploring the cultures and traditions where they were born.

A History of Royal Food and Feasting 

Online course to"Chart the history of royal food in the splendour of royal palaces."

Baked Goods, Pastries & Other Sweet Foods


Mmmmm...Mascarpone Cheese! 

This article gives an Introduction and Hikstory of Mascarpone cheese.

Medieval Cheese Forum 

For information on the history of cheese and how to make them.



Article from Fruits of Warm Climates on Bananas


Article from Fruits of Warm Climates on Lemons


The Bratwurst Museum 

This website is in German

Charcuterie info 

The purpose of this document is to pull together pre-1600(ish) information relating to charcuterie and cured meat products. 

Production of Sausages Forum 

This website is in Polish


Tools & Utensils