Historical Cooking by Enthusiasts

The websites listed here are by members of the SCA and other Historical Enthusiasts who share their interest in the Culinary Arts.

Charcuterie info 

Pre-1600(ish) information relating to charcuterie and cured meat products

Friedrich und Hildegard 

12th Century enthusiasts with many articles on cooking.

Helewyse de Birkestad 

Helewyse is a Research Scientist whose hobbies include Pottery, Cooking & Baking.


A blog about historical cooking, baking and eating

Historical Italian Cooking 

Italian cooking throughout the centuries, starting from the Ancient Roman period, crossing the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Historical Italian Cooking on YouTube 

Nazirah's Food 

Indian food & Spices

Plain Fare: A Period Camp Cookbook 

A Collection of Simple,  Documented Recipes For Cooking in Camp From the Kingdom of Drachenwald

Recreational Medievalism 

Includes links to recipes and cookbooks


Sylvie la chardonnière blog featuring Culinary articles.

Stefan's Florilegium 

The Florilegium website is a collection of files that the late The Honorable Lord Stefan li Rous (Mark S. Harris) assembled from various sources. There are several sections on Food & Feasts in the collection.