Historical Cooking by the Experts

The websites listed here have information on Medieval & Renaissance cooking as provided by individuals and groups that are considered professional experts in the field.

A History of Royal Food and Feasting 

Chart the history of royal food in the splendour of royal palaces on FutureLearn.

A Taste of History with Joyce White 

Joyce White is an Annapolis-based food historian and foodways consultant who offers a variety of different food history topics.

Academia Barilla 

From Caruso to Giuseppe Verdi to Totò: famous people and their favourite recipes

Ancient Grains 

Website dedicated to work in archaeobotany

Cindy Renfrow 

Cindy Renfrow: Author of books on ancient and medieval cooking and brewing

Clifford A. Wright 

A source for the authentic and traditional foods of Italy and the Mediterranean in their cultural and historical context illustrated with hundreds of heirloom and innovative Italian and Mediterranean recipes fully-tested in the kitchen of cookbook author Clifford A. Wright, a winner of the James Beard/ KitchenAid Cookbook of the Year 2000 and Winner of the Beard Award for the Best Writing on Food 2000.

Cookbook Archaeology

A blog by Celia, a trained Archaeologist, digging into the culinary past

Cooking The Books 

Website for Historic Cookery Team at Hampton Court Palace


A site focused on Medieval Dutch cookery

Culina Historica 

Website of Andreas Klumpp; a medieval and post medieval archaeologist and historian specializing on historic cookery and nutrition.

Do Bianchi 

Jeremy Parzen Ph.D. created his blog “Do Bianchi” to offer readers a humanist perspective into the world of Italian wine and food.

Eat Medieval 

Collaboration of Blackfriars Restaurant and the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Durham University

Food History Jottings 

Blog of Food Historian Ivan Day

French Food Before Taillevent 

Blog of Food Historian Ivan Day

In my Iraqi Kitchen 

A blog about the Iraqi cuisine from ancient Mesopotamian times to the present, by Nawal Nasrallah


Ken Albala is a Food Historian at the University of the Pacific

King's Taste Productions 

Professional Chef Christy Seelye-King is also a Culinary Historian

Konan sem kyndir ofninn sinn 

Icelandic Cooking including Historical Cooking

Les Leftovers 

Blog of Food Historian Jim Chevallier

Manuscript Cookbooks Survey 

A database of pre-1865 English-language manuscript cookbooks held in U. S. public institutions as well as a database of kitchen artifacts used at the time these manuscripts were written.

Medieval and Early Modern Cookery 

Professor Martha Carlin, Department of History, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Medieval Gastronomy 

A collection of Medieval Artwork featuring food

Medieval Technology and American History 

A project of the Center for Medieval Studies at the Pennsylvania State University

Monumenta Culinaria 

by Professor Thomas Gloning. Corpus of culinary & dietetic texts of Europe from the Middle Ages to 1800

Musée des Temps Barbares 

Experimental archaeology at a Merovingian farm

Old Cook 

Medieval gastronomy, cultural heritage Europe Mediterranean

Old Cookbooks and Food History 

by Henry Notaker, a literary historian who taught courses in food culture and history

The Art of Food 

The Art of Food Lecture Series explores culinary history and practices, and the artistic display of food, and its preparation. This series of events complements the exhibitions The Edible Monument: The Art of Food for Festivals, on view at the Getty Research Institute from October 13, 2015, to March 13, 2016, and Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Food in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, on view at the Getty Museum from October 13, 2015, to January 3, 2016.

The Food Timeline 

 Hosted by the Virginia Tech Special Collections and University Archives this website offers a wealth of historic information, primary documents, and original research

The FOOD Museum 

The FOOD Museum celebrates food, exploring its history, heritage, and cultural influence worldwide.

The Foods of England Project 

Brings together the original receipts for over three thousand dishes from the forgotten English pasta dishes of the fourteenth century to classics of today

The Old Foodie 

Website of Food Historian and Author Janet Clarkson

The Silk Road Gourmet 

A journey through the cuisines, histories and cultures of the more than thirty countries that traded goods along that great lifeline of the ancient world - The Silk Road.

The Worshipful Company of Bakers 

The Company’s membership is drawn from those living and working in the City of London, from those working in the Baking Industry or Allied Trades and from those who wish to support charitable activities and see history and tradition maintained.

What's Cookin' @ Special Collections? 

Special Collections @ Virginia Tech Culinary History Blog


Food foklore for the everyday scholar. These are the stories behind the food we eat.