The periodicals listed here have many articles related to food history.

The articles listed here are published in periodicals that do not have a specific focus on historical cuisine.

Gastronomica is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, international journal publishing critical, translational studies on food.

The Symposium was started in 1986 by a group of like minded food historians and was held for a number of years at the University of Leeds where Anne Wilson, the key founding figure, was a librarian and keeper of Special Collections, including the Cookery Collection

Based in Seattle, Washington, the Madrone Culinary Guild is a group of people interested in the history of food from Rome to the Renaissance, with a primary focus on the food of Western Europe. Some of us are chefs, some of us are culinary historians, some of us just like to hang out with fun people and eat good food.

An in-person Symposium in Oxford/UK and a global online event with keynotes, papers and meals, open to all. Food is at the core of what we do; for over forty years, academics, amateurs and aficionados from all areas of life have come together to share, learn and be inspired by each other.

Journal of food studies and food history