Cheese Making

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A Better Whey 

A community of cheese makers and cheese lovers from around the world

Epistola de caseis et operibus lactariis, 1556 

A letter to Conrad Gesner about cheesemaking and dairy products in Switzerland (Latin, 1556)

Facsimile can be found at: 

Jacobus Bifrons [Jachiam Bifrun]: Epistola de caseis et operibus lactariis, 1556 In: Ars magirica, ed. Jod. Willich, Zürich 1563, 220-227. 

Mmmmm...Mascarpone Cheese! 

This article gives an Introduction and Hikstory of Mascarpone cheese.


Disclaimer: I do not specifically endorse any of the following, but they may have supplies you are interested in.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company 

Worldwide shipping of home cheese making supplies


For the hobby cheese or yogurt maker