Twelfth Night: January 2008

Italian Feast - Æthelmearc Twelfth Night 2008

This feast is my third feast inspired by Italian cuisine. To bring a new theme element to this feast, I decided the courses would be themed around the four seasons. It is fortunate that in the modern era we have access to food stuff all year round, making this seasonal menu possible. I also take into consideration the Mediterranean climate of the Italian penisula in the food stuffs available during each season. I have used the Traditional timing of the seasons, thus the Winter Solstice is the midpoint of the Winter season.

Lunch Course - Autumn

(Melancholic - Earth - Cold & Dry)

Second Course - Spring

(Sanguine - Air - Warm & Wet)

First Course - Winter

( Phlegmatic - Water - Cold & Wet)

Dessert Course - Summer

(Choleric - Fire - Warm & Dry)


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