Frittelle di Pomi

Apple Fritters

Source: Libro de arte coquinaria by Maestro Martino de Como, 15th century

Original Recipe:

[Altre frittelle di pomi.]

Monda et netta le poma molto bene, et falle cocere allesso o sotto la brascia, et cavatene fora quello duro di mezo pistarale molto bene et inseme gli mettirai un poco de lievito et un poco di fiore di farina, et del zuccaro; et fa' le frittelle frigendole in bono olio.

Translation: (from The Art of Cooking: The First Modern Cookery Book)

[Another Apple Fritter]

Peel & clean the apples well and boil or cook under coals; remove the hard part from their middles and crush well; and add a little yeast together with a bit of sifted flour and some sugar; and prepare the fritters, frying them in good oil.

My Interpretation:

1 pound Apple sauce

1 package Yeast

1½ cups Flour

½ cup Sugar

Canola Oil, for frying

Combine apple sauce, yeast, flour & sugar until well mixed. Let rest for 10-30 minutes in a warm spot. The batter should have visible signs that the yeast is actively producing small bubbles of gas. Prepare a pan or deep fryer for cooking the fritters, heating oil to 375°F. Using a small cookie scoop (or a pair of teaspoons), drop small amount of batter into heated oil, cook until dark golden brown. Sprinkle with sugar, or cinnamon sugar, if desired.

Works Referenced:

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- A translation of the work of Maestro Martino of Como, 15th century