Siege of Glengary: September 2012

Feast fit for a King

The theme for the dishes prepared for Lunch and Feast for the Siege of Glengary is "A Feast fit for a King". As an educational opportunity, the Sylvan Glen Cooks Guild chose a single source to use as the inspiration for most of the recipes: Forme of Cury. Forme of Cury was compiled by the Master Cooks of Richard II of England in 1390. This manuscript was later presented to Queen Elizabeth I in the 28th year of her reign. A transcription of this manuscript was published in 1780 along with rolls of interest to cookery from the late 14th century into the 16th century.

Post event notes

This was the planned menu for the Lunch and Feast. There was also some bread, fruit and cheeses provided by the autocrat of the event for the lunch. Not all ingredients had made it to site and the Rysshews of Fruyt became a Chunky Fruit Pottage instead (think apple sauce). The Payne Ragon did not get to temperature needed to properly crack and was so well stuck to the aluminum foil, we abandoned it. All the pears for the Peeres in Confyt were mistakenly used in the Rysshews of Fruyt, so that dish did not get made. Two other dishes, Cryppys and Strawberye,  we replaced the flour with flours (Barley & Millet) when we realized the flours were on hand (not bought for the purpose of the lunch or feast). The Grilled Beef became roasted Beef Brisket (it was on sale for less than $3 a pound). The leeks were playing hide and seek for the Funges, so the dish went without them. The leeks were later found. And the Sambocade was made sans sugar (again by mistake) but seemed to go very well when the Strawberye was used as a sauce for it.


First Course

Third Course


Second Course

Dessert Course

*This recipe is from Ancient Cookery as found in the collection Forme of Cury published in 1780.**This recipe is from Harleian MS 4016 (circa 1450) as found in the collection Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books.***This recipe is from Harleian MS 279 (circa 1420) as found in the collection Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery Books.