Spanish Cuisine for Cook's Night

Post date: Jun 07, 2011 10:6:44 PM

Tomorrow night is cooking night here in the Shire of Sylvan Glen and I browsed through the recipes of Maestre Rupert de Nola. Interesting that he was the Master Cook to the King of Naples in the 15th century, however this work was published early in the 16th century. I found a new resource for a facsimile copy of his work, which you can find on the Spanish Texts page.

 The recipe I've chosen to interpret is a fig dish, done in the manner of the French. Although this is a "sweet" dish, it is specifically mentioned to be eaten at the beginning of the meal.

 We did have a 4 week delay between our Cook's Night, but I'm looking forward to see what yummy things everyone comes up with.