Pennsic 42 - Camp Dinner for Arindale

Post date: Aug 06, 2013 5:54:7 PM

I camped with different folks this year at Pennsic, and each night there was a different person who planned the menu for dinner. With $6 per person for dinner, I felt rather confident about putting out a meal that I've been wanting to showcase again for about 4 years now.

Appetizer: Saumon - I substituted lemon juice for the white wine in this recipe as it was a very last minute addition (I spied the smoked salmon in the store as I was shopping for the other components of the meal) and I had lemon juice on hand in camp. This was served with some pita chips seasoned with sea salt.

Main Course: Grilled Tuna with Orange Herb Sauce with Onion Pottage and Couscous - These recipes were originally redacted for the feast for Melee Madness: June 2009. The local grocery store had Yellowfin Tuna available, and I wanted to take advantage of that fact. Grilled Chicken Breast Tenderloins were also made available for those who did not want to eat the Tuna. The couscous was not on the original feast menu, but for the practicality of cooking in camp I'm pleased I made this choice.

Dessert: I bought a variety pack of cheesecake bites. Although all modern recipes, at least the history of cheesecake can be traced back to Antiquity.

I was pleased that there was minimal leftovers for the meal. I did go over budget for the meal, but I'm glad I provided a meal everyone seemed to enjoy.