Cook's Guild Night in Sylvan Glen - March 16, 2011

Post date: Mar 16, 2011 9:13:36 PM

Tonight was theSylvan Glen Cook's Guild bi-weekly dinner. The recipe I chose to redact & make for this evening is the following:


Guiso de Lentejas - Lentil Stew


Other dishes that were made for the dinner were:

Baked Pears by Marija from Marx Rumpolt  (c. 1581) as found in Ein New Kochbuch recipe #26

Roasted Chicken with Must Sauce and Poitevin Sauce by Arianna from Guillaume Tirel (14th century) as found in Le Viandier de Taillevent recipes #26, #218 & #220

Roasted Chicken with Orange Juice Glaze by Gillian based on my recipe for Pollastro Arrosto


We also had freshly made butter by Gillian which we enjoyed on some bread along with some cheese and fresh fruit.