Cook's Guild Night in Sylvan Glen - April 27, 2011

Post date: Apr 28, 2011 4:32:21 PM

Last night was our first "themed" dinner and "German" cuisine was the theme of the evening. Bera made a "blancmange" using brown rice, almond milk, chicken, honey and saffron. Marija made a bean and bacon recipe. Petr made "Flooded apples" and Etain made a mash of carrots and parsnips.


I found a new recipe to make, as part of my A&S 50 Challenge, called Heidenische küchen. I took a short cut and used store bought pie crusts for this recipe as well as using ground beef instead of shredded beef. I've revised the recipe published here to use shredded beef. Of course, the advantage of making the shredded beef is you've got some fabulous beef broth that can be used in another dish.