A New Year, a New Feast, a New Class, a New approach to the Cooking Guild

Post date: Mar 13, 2012 4:18:16 AM

It seems that this year, 2012, has a lot in store for me in culinary projects. 

After having difficulty last year getting the cooking guild going in a direction I hoped to take it, I decided to conduct a survey of the local shire folk to get there input for what they wanted out of the Cooking Guild. Needless to say, the feedback as very eye opening. As a result, I'm taking a new approach to the cooking guild and our next session is in a week (Monday, March 19). I have picked four dishes that I hope to use at the feast I'm cooking for the Shire's event (Siege of Glengary) in September. The theme is "A feast fit for a King", and the dishes I have decided to try I have pulled from Forme of Curye, a 14th century English manuscript compiled by the chief cooks of Richard II.

Next month I will be attending at teaching at the Known World Cooks and Bards Symposium (KWCB) in the Kingdom of the Outlands. I had been requested locally to teach a class on putting together a field kitchen for lunches, dayboards and feast. I may or may not teach this at KWCB, but I will prepare it as if I were. I know that I will likely teach this class at Kingdom Æcademy and possibly at Pennsic.