A Feast fit for a King - Sylvan Glen Cook's Guild March 19, 2012

Post date: Mar 23, 2012 12:53:42 PM

This past Monday I had the first cook's guild workshop in the Shire since I analyzed the results of the survey. I had four of the shire folk attend, and we worked on the first four recipes that I plan on using for our event in September. The theme for the feast is "A Feast fit for a King" so the first source I was looking at was Forme of Cury which was composed by the Chief Cook to Richard II of England. I translated and created an initial redaction of these recipes and brought them with me to the cook's guild workshop. We had much fun talking about the recipes as we were cooking them. Three of the four recipes I would like to serve during lunch, as I think they are well suited for that purpose.

They are Chykenes in Grauey, Caboches in Potage and Rysshews of Fruyt. The Rysshews of Fruyt needs a little further refining. The one I would like to use for the feast is Salat which I found very similar to Insalate (nor surprising that they were so similar). The four recipes are now included as part of my SCA A&S 50 Challenge.

You may have noticed that I've been doing minor revamps to website. Instead of several pages devoted to a category of books, I'm placing all the book into my new Book List page. On this page the books can be sorted by Title, Category, Cuisine, Author or ISBN. There are already over 200 books in the list!