Toroñges Salsero d'Herbes

Orange Herb Sauce

This recipe for Orange Herb Sauce is provided in the manuscript as part of the instructions for the sauce to be served with grilled Swordfish. I have served this sauce with Grilled Tuna and Grilled Chicken so I wanted to present the sauce separately.

Source: Libre Del Coch, Mestre Robert, cook to ‘don Ferrando de Napols’ Catalan, 15th century.[1]

Original Recipe[2]:

De emperador en graelles

Capitol en quina manera se deu aparellar lo emperador en graelles. Primerament pendras lemperador e tallaras lo axi com sil hauies de rostir e leuali la ventresca e vaja a rostir e vntaras lo ades ades ab oli: e apres fes lilo seu salsero çoes: such de toronges: e pebre: e oli: e sal: e vn poch de aygua e tot aço metras dins vna olla petita: e com lo Senyor voldra menjar pendras vn plat e met lo dintre e lançaras y aquell salsero damunt e ab aquestes herbes: çoes: joliuert: e menta: e moraduix.

Translation: (by Robin Carroll-Mann) [2]:

Swordfish on the grill

Cut the swordfish as if you were going to roast it, and remove everything that is inside; and set it to roast on the grill, greasing it with oil, little by little. Then make your light sauce which is orange juice, and pepper, and oil, and salt, and a little water; and you will put all this in a small pot, and when they want to eat, put it on a plate; and cast on the said sauce with the other herbs: parsley, and mint, and marjoram.

My Interpretation:

Combine ingredients into a pot, bring to a simmer and reduce until desired thickness is reached


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End Notes:

[2] (Nola, 1520 & 1988)

[2] The shorthand notations as shown in the image from the manuscript have been expanded out in the transcription.

[3] (Carroll-Mann, 2001)