Salsa Biza per deu Escudelles

Pine Nut Garlic Sauce

Source: Libre Del Coch, Mestre Robert, cook to ‘don Ferrando de Napols’ Catalan, 16th century.[1]

Original Recipe[2]:

Salsa biza per deu escudelles

Ametles pendras tres liures e fer les has belles e picales be en vn morter: e apres destemprales ab bon brou de gallines e fes ques pas per vn cedaç de manera que hisca be la let e apres metras la apart e pendras los fetges deles anades e picales en vn morter e apres pren tres o quatre cabeçes de alls cuyts en brases e pica los ab los fetges e quant tot sia picat destemprau ab lo brou e passau per estamenya: e apres met ho en vna olla ahon haja a bullir ab la let ensemps: e apres met hi en la olla gingebre e canyella: e pebre tot molt e de cada cosa vn diner e vn rouell de ou per cada escudella ben debatuts: e dues onçes de sucre metras dins en la olla.

Translation: (by Robin Carroll-Mann) [2]:

Sauce Which is Called Pine Nut Dish of Garlic

You will take a pound of pine nuts, and another of peeled almonds, and grind them very well, each by itself, and then both together. And cook two heads of garlic in a little pot with broth of hen or mutton; and then when the garlic is well-cooked, grind it with the pine nuts and with the well-peeled almonds; first [grind] the garlic, and when it is all well-ground, grind also with it a little grated cheese, which is very good, with eight or nine hard-boiled egg yolks; and when everything is well-ground, blend it with the broth of hen, and mutton. And set it to cook in a very clean pot; and cast into it one or two ounces of sugar, and a little bit of rose vinegar tempered with rosewater in which crushed cloves, and ginger, and cinnamon, and pepper have been steeping overnight; and cook it until it is cooked and quite thick; and prepare dishes, and cast sugar and cinnamon over it.

My Interpretation:

Separate cloves of garlic and peel. Bring chicken brother to a boil. Add garlic cloves to chicken broth and let simmer for 10 minutes. Remove garlic cloves from chicken broth and reserve remaining broth. Grind almonds & pine nuts in food processor. When garlic is tender, place in food processor and pulse until a paste is formed. Mix garlic paste, egg yolks, nuts, vinegar, orange blossom water and spices until incorporated. Add to reserved chicken broth and whisk. Place pot with mixture on fire and heat until desired consistency. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar on serving dish.

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End Notes:

[2] (Nola, 1520 & 1988)

[2] The shorthand notations as shown in the image from the manuscript have been expanded out in the transcription.

[3] (Carroll-Mann, 2001)