Insaleggiata di Cipolle

Roasted Onion Salad

Source: Libro della cucina del secolo XIV, a collection of 14th Century Italian recipes.


De la insaleggiata di cipolle

Togli cipolle; cuocile sotto la bragia, e poi le manda, e tagliale per traverso longhette et sottili: mettili alquanto d’aceto, sale, oglio, e spezie, e dà a mangiare.

Translation: (from The Medieval Kitchen Recipes from France and Italy)

Of onion salad.

Take onions; cook them in the embers, then peel them and cut them across into longish, thin slices; add a little vinegar, salt, oil, and spices, and serve.

My Interpretation:

Roast onions in oven at 450°F for about 1 hour. Let onions cool until they can be handled. Remove outer browned onion skin and discard. Slice onions and toss with remaining ingredients.

Works Referenced:

The Medieval Kitchen Recipes from France and Italy, Odile Redan, Francoise Sabban & Silvana Serventi, Translate by Edward Schneider, The University of Chicago Press, 1998