Gesotten Zwibelsalat

Cooked Onion Salad

This recipe highlights the natural sweetness of Onion while remaining a savory dish.

Source: Ein New Kochbuch by Marx Rumpolt, a 16th century collection of German recipes

Original Recipes:

Gesotten Zwibelsalat/ oder gebraten/ macht man sueß mit weissem Zucker/ oder mit kleinen schwartzen Rosein.

Translation: (Translated by M. Grasse)

Cooked onion salad/ or roasted (fried)/ make it sweet with a white sugar/ or with small black raisins

My Interpretation:

2 extra large onion (2 pounds)

¼ cup white sugar

1 cup currants

¼ cup olive oil

Slice onion and sauté over medium high heat in olive oil until golden. Add sugar and currants.


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