Gút Schweinebraten

Good Roast Pork

Source: Das Kochbuck der Sabina Welserin, a 16th century collection of German recipes

Original Recipe:

Ain gút brates zú machen

Nim kelberis oder ain lembratten von ainem ochſen, legs jn ain wein jber nacht, darnach ſtecks jn an ain ſpis, thú jn dan jn ain haffen, thú daran ain gúte fleſchbrie, zwiffel, wein, gewirtz, pfeffer, jmber, negellen vnnd laſβ woll daran ſieden, verſaltz es nit.

Translation: (Translated by Valoise Armstrong)

To make a good roast

Take veal or a sirloin of beef, lay it overnight in wine, afterwards stick it on a spit. Put it then in a pot. Put good broth therein, onions, wine, spices, pepper, ginger and cloves and let it cook therein. Do not over salt it.

My Interpretation:

Place pork in roaster, whisk remaining ingredients together then cover roast. Let cook for 2 hours at 300°F or until pork reaches 165°F at thickest point.


This recipe was done for a feast and to make it more cost effective pork was used instead of veal.


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