Bonen Frieusieren mit Speck

Fried Beans with Bacon

Source: Ein New Kochbuch by Marx Rumpolt, a 16th century collection of German recipes

Original Recipes:

Du kanst auch Bonen frieusieren mit Speck/ so werden sie gut vnd wolgeschmack.

Translation: (Translated by M. Grasse)

You can also fry beans with bacon/ so they become good and well tasting.

My Interpretation:

2 cups canned chick peas

½ pound bacon

Drain liquid from chick peas. Cook bacon over medium heat until crispy, remove bacon to drain on paper towels. Add chick peas to bacon drippings and cook until beans start to break down. Crumble cook bacon and add back into chick peas.


    • Although it is likely this recipe was referring to Fava Beans, I'm not fond of this particular legume. I chose instead Chick Peas (aka Garbanzo Beans) for my version of this recipe.


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