De Saluiat

Herb Omelet

Source: Libre Del Coch, Mestre Robert, cook to ‘don Ferrando de Napols’ Catalan, 16th century.[1]

Original Recipe[2]:

De Saluiat

Hauras fulles de saluia e pica les ben fort: e apres hages ous debatuts e mesclats ab la saluia: e apres a vna paella e met hi mantega de manera que ni haja vn dit de fusa o: mes: e sino tens mantega hages bon oli e met ni aximateix: e quant bullira la mantega o oli met hi los ous e la saluia e fes ne vna truyta que sia ben cuyta e fes que tinga dos dits o mes de gruixa: e quant sera cuyta met la en vn gresal: o plat ab molt sucre damunt o deuall empero deu se menjar calenta.

Translation: (by Robin Carroll-Mann) [3]:

Egg Torte Called Salviate

Take a few leaves of sage; and grind them very vigoursly and take a goodly quantity of eggs, and beat them and mix them with the sage, and then take a frying pan, and add lard so that once the lard is melted there is one finger's depth or more in the pan; and if there is no lard, take common oil which should be sweet and very good, of the same amount, and when the lard or oil comes to a boil add to it the eggs and savory, and make an omelet which should be well cooked; and this omelet should be two fingers thick or more; and once it is well cooked or fried, place it on a good plate with much sugar beneath and on top; and this omelet should be eaten hot.

My Interpretation:

1 dozen eggs

1 Tbsp. chopped fresh sage

1 Tbsp. chopped fresh savory

1 oz. chives or scallions chopped

1 Tbsp. Olive Oil

⅛ tsp. white sugar

Heat skillet over medium low heat. Whisk eggs together and place enough in pan to make an omelet the size of the pan. Sprinkle with herbs. When egg mixture firms, fold in half to continue cooking through. Place on platter and sprinkle lightly with sugar.

Note: You can also cook the egg open face, as one would cook a frittata. This can be done by placing the pan under a broiler until the top is cooked.

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End Notes:

[1] (Nola, 1520 & 1988)

[2] The shorthand notations as shown in the image from the manuscript have been expanded out in the transcription.

[3] (Carroll-Mann, 2001)