Menya D’Àngels

Angel’s Food

Sweetened Cheese

Source: Libre de Sent Sovi, Catalan, 14th century.

Original Recipe:

Menya D’Àngels (Con sa Deu Manyar Mató Cens Bolir, O Fformatges)

Si vols menyar lo mató, prin lo mató e met-lo en lo morter, e pique ‘l bé ab bon sucre blanc. E quqant sera picat, axeteu ab aygua-rós ho naffa, e met-lo en gresals ho en escudelles ho ab què.t vuylles; e dóna-ho a menyar. E si no y volies metre sucre al piquar, met-hi de bona mel. E axí matex sse ffa del fformatge ffresc, he diu-hi millor, e anomene’s menyar d’àngels.

Translation: (from The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy)

Angel’s Food

If you want to eat the fresh curds, put the curds in the mortar and pound with some good white sugar. And when pounded together, blend in some rosewater or orange-flower water, and put it in bowls or dishes or whatever you like; and serve it at table. And if you don’t wish to use sugar, add some good honey. And you can do the same with fresh cheese, which is better, and it is called angel’s food.

My Interpretation:

6 lbs. Ricotta Cheese ¼ cup Rosewater
1 cup Sugar ¼ cup Orange Flower Water
  Divide cheese and sugar into two bowls. Add Rosewater into one of the two bowls and the Orange Flower Water into the other bowl. Whisk ingredients together in bowl and serve.

Works Referenced:

The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy; Odile Redon, Françoise Sabban, & Silvano Serventi, translated to the English by Edward Schneider; The University of Chicago Press, 1998