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The articles listed here are published in periodicals that do not have a specific focus on historical cuisine.
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TitleAuthorJournalISSNVolumeIssuePagesYear Published
TitleAuthorJournalISSNVolumeIssuePagesYear Published
Food and Drink of the Ancient Irish Eugene O'Curry On the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish: A Series of Lectures   362-378 1873 
Notes on Food and Drink in Lancashire and other Northern Counties Charles Roeder Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society  20  43-104 1903 
A Mediaeval Sauce-Book Lynn Thorndike Speculum  00387134 183-190 1934 
An Iranian Drinking Vessel Robert H. Dyson, Jr. Expedition  18-19 1959-Winter 
Yogurt--Its Life and Culture Frances James Expedition  18 32-38 1975-Fall 
La table d'un cardinal de la Renaissance Pierre Hurtubise Mélanges de l'Ecole française de Rome. Moyen-Age, Temps modernes  92 249-282 1980 
Zur Erforschung der kulinarischen Kultur Irans Bert G. Fragner Die Welt des Islams    pp. 320-360 1984 
Bread and Beer--The Early Use of Cereals in the Human Diet Solomon Katz and Mary M. Voigt Expedition  28 23-34 1986-Summer 
Un banquet médiéval au collège Nicole Defoug Médiévales  13 71-73 1987 
Drugs and Medicines in the Roman World John Scarborough Expedition  38 38-51 1996-Summer 
Cuisine d'Orient, cuisine d'Occident Marín Manuela. Médiévales   33 9-21 1997 
The Beginnings of Winemaking and Viniculture in the Ancient Near East and Egypt Patrick E. McGovern, Ulrich Hartung, Virginia R. Badler, Donald L. Glusker, and Lawrence J. Exner Expedition  39 3-21 1997-Spring 
Porridges, Gruels and Breads: The Cerel Foodstuffs of Early Medieval Ireland Regina Sexton Early Medieval Munster: Archaeology, History and Society    76-86 1998 
Searching for the Beginnings of Winemaking Patrick E. McGovern Expedition  41 4-5 1999-Spring 
Please Play with Your Food Jeremy Parzen Gastronimica    25-33 2004 
Caravaggio’s Fruit: A Mirror on Baroque Horticulture Jules Janick Chronica Horticulturae   44 9-15 2004-12 
Food and Cooking during the Mamluk Era Amalia Levanoni Mamluk Studies Review  201-222 2005 
Early Evidence for the Culinary Use of Squash Flowers in Italy Harry S. Paris and Jules Janick Chronica Horticulturae  45 20-21 2005-06 
Food Fit for the Soul of a Pharaoh--The Mortuary Temple's Bakeries and Breweries Vanessa Smith Expedition  48 27-30 2006-Summer 
Physician to The Bruce: Maino De Maineri in Scotland Proctor, Caroline The Scottish Historical Review 0036-9241 Volume 86, Number 1 221 16-26 2007-04 
History and Iconography of Eggplant Marie-Christine Daunay and Jules Janick Chronica Horticulturae  47 16-22 2007-09 
The Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae illustrated in medieval manuscripts known as the Tacuinum Sanitatis Harry S. Paris, Marie-Christine Daunay, and Jules Janick Annals of Botany  103 1187-1205 2009-06 
Tacuinum Sanitatis: Horticulture and Health in the Late Middle Ages Marie-Christine Daunay, Jules Janick and Harry S. Paris Chronica Horticulturae  49 22-28 2009-09 
Juan Sánchez Cotán: Mystical Artist of Horticulture Jules Janick and Ana Luisa González Reimers Chronica Horticulturae  49 6-8 2009-12 
Historical Wines of Spain Fernando Perez-Camacho Chronica Horticulturae  49 11-12 2009-12 
Historical Wines of Portugal Virgílio Loureiro Chronica Horticulturae  49 13-14 2009-12 
The Epoch of Philip II: Botanical and Horticultural Impact Cristina Castel-Branco and José Tito Rojo Chronica Horticulturae  49 8-10 2009-12 
Ancient and Modern Foods from the Tarim Basin E. N. Anderson Expedition  52 5-6 2010-Winter 
The Biological Section of the Voynich Manuscript: A Textbook of Medieval Plant Physiology? Lincoln Taiz and Saundra Lee Taiz Chronica Horticulturae  51 19-23 2011-06 
Carrot: History and Iconography John Stolarczyk and Jules Janick Chronica Horticulturae  51 13-18 2011-06 
Revelations from Histoire Naturelle des Indes known as The Drake Manuscript: Horticulture and History Jules Janick Chronica Horticulturae  52 14-22 2012-03 
Revealing a 5,000-y-old beer recipe in China Jiajing Wang, Li Liu, Terry Ball, Linjie Yu, Yuanqing Li, and Fulai Xing Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  113 23 6444–6448 2016 
Salsamenta pictavensium: Gastronomy and Medicine in Twelfth-Century England Giles E.M. Gasper Faith Wallis The English Historical Review 1477-4534 131 553 1353–1385 2016 
The Citrus Family Tree Daniel Stone NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC     2017 
A History of Citrus Fruit  Archaeology Magazine     2017 
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