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The following articles and websites are devoted to the history a single culinary food topic.

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History of Crêpes  Monique’s Crêpes 
Ancient Eats  BBC series that puts trendy foods and dishes back into their ‘authentic’ context, exploring the cultures and traditions where they were born. 
Archaeological Finds of Ninth- and Tenth-Century Viking Foodstuffs  Viking Resources for the Re-enactor 
Food—A Cultural Culinary History Podcast – The Great Courses Daily  Stitcher 
The History of Nutcrackers  Nutcracker Museum 
A History of Royal Food and Feasting  FutureLearn 
The Flower of Wheat: Bread in the Middle Ages and Colonial Era Baked Goods Medieval Technology and American History 
Getting Your Daily Bread: Breads in Medieval and Colonial Society Baked Goods Medieval Technology and American History 
Carrot Cake Baked Goods The Food Timeline 
All Bread Is Not Created Equal Baked Goods Medieval Technology and American History 
History of the Jelly Doughnut | Sufganiyah Baked Goods Leite's Culinaria 
English Bread Assizes from Reigns of Henry II to Edward II Baked Goods Medieval Technology and American History 
Tirggel – Traditional Honey Cookies of Zürich  Baked Goods Crawfish and Caramel 
a fast and furious tour of beer history Beverages 
The History Of Mascarpone Cheeses The Nibble 
Medieval Cheese Forum Cheeses Medieval Cheese Forum 
HISTORY OF CITRUS Fruit World Food and Wine 
Lemon: citrus limon Fruit New Crop Resource Online Program 
Deutsches Bratwurstmuseum Meat The Bratwurst Museum 
Wyrób wędlin sposobem domowym Meat Production of Sausages Forum (Polish) 
Charcuterie Meat  
A brief history of pasta Staples World Food and Wine 
History of Rice in Western and Central Asia Staples UCRS Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies 
History of Carrots Vegetables Carrot Museum 
Medieval Spinach Vegetables Medieval Histories 
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