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TitleSubtitleCategoryCultureAuthor(s)PublisherYearISBN or ASINAdditional Information
TitleSubtitleCategoryCultureAuthor(s)PublisherYearISBN or ASINAdditional Information
Animals in Saxon and Scandinavian England Backbones of Economy and Society Animal Husbandry Multi-Regional Matilda Holmes Sidestone Press 2014 9789088902666 Animals in Saxon and Scandinavian England takes as its core four broad areas of analysis. The first is an investigation of the diet of the population, and how food was used to establish social boundaries. Increasingly diverse diets are recognised, with high-status populations distinguishing themselves from other social sectors through the way food was redistributed and the diversity of taxa consumed. 
A History of Beer and Brewing  Beverages  Ian S Hornsey Royal Society of Chemistry 2003 9780854046300  
A History of the World in Six Glasses  Beverages  Tom Standage Atlantic Books, Limited 2007 9781843545958  
A Sip Through Time A Collection of Old Brewing Recipes Beverages  Cindy Renfrow Cindy Renfrow 1995 9780962859830  
Champagne A Global History Beverages  Becky Sue Epstein Reaktion Books 2011 9781861898579  
Drink A Cultural History of Alcohol Beverages  Iain Gately Penguin 2008 9781592403035  
Gin A Global History Beverages  Lesley Jacobs Solmonson Reaktion Books, Limited 2012 9781861899248  
Oxford Companion to Beer  Beverages  Garrett Oliver, Tom Colicchio Oxford University Press 2011 9780195367133  
Rum A Global History Beverages  Richard Foss Reaktion Books, Limited 2012 9781861899262  
Tea A Global History Beverages  Helen Saberi Reaktion Books 2010 9781861897763  
The Oxford Companion to Wine  Beverages  Jancis Robinson Oxford University Press 2006 9780198609902  
The Story of Wine Volume 2 Beverages  Hugh Johnson Mitchell Beazley 2004 9781840009729  
Uncorking the Past The Quest for Wine, Beer, and other Alcoholic Beverages Beverages  Patrick E. McGovern University of California Press 2009 9780520253797  
Vodka A Global History Beverages  Patricia Herlihy Reaktion Books, Limited 2012 9781861899293  
Whiskey A Global History Beverages  Kevin R. Kosar Reaktion Books 2010 9781861897800  
Wine A Cultural History Beverages  John Varriano Reaktion Books 2011 9781861897909  
All About doffee  Beverages Multi-Regional William Harrison Ukers The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Co 1922   
Cheese A Global History Cheese & Eggs  Andrew Dalby Reaktion Books 2009 9781861895233  
Cheese and Culture A History of Cheese and Its Place in Western Civilization Cheese & Eggs  Paul Kindstedt Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 2012  9781603584111 
Cheese Problems Solved  Cheese & Eggs  P. L. H. McSweeney Woodhead Publishing 2007 9781845690601  
A Dairie Booke for good huswives Very Profitable and Pleasant for the Making and Keeping of White Meates Cheese & Eggs English Bartholomew Dowe  1588  Dairy farming 
A Suffolk Tudor Dairy  Cheese & Eggs English Bartholomew Dowe Stuart Press 2007 9781858042275  
Book of Cheese, 1580-1660  Cheese & Eggs English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1993 9781858040271  
The Householders Philosophie Anexed, A Dairie Booke Cheese & Eggs Italian Torquato Tasso, Bartholomew Dowe Theatrum Orbis Terrarum 1975 9789022107652  
A Culinary Journey through Time  Cuisine & Recipes  Sabine Karg Communicating Cultur 2011  Recipes based on archaeological soil samples. 
Food The History of Taste Cuisine & Recipes  Paul H. Freedman University of California Press 2007 9780520254763  
Magyar családélet és háztartás a XVI. és XVII. században  Cuisine & Recipes  Béla Radvánszky Hornyánszky Viktor könyvkereskedése 1896  The Hungarian Family and Household during the 16th and 17th Centuries 
An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook from the 13th Century  Cuisine & Recipes Andalusian     This is Charles Perry’s English language edition for the recipes of al-Andalus 
An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century  Cuisine & Recipes Andalusian     This is Charles Perry’s English language edition for the recipes of al-Andalus 
Apici Caeli de Re Coquinaria Libri Decem  Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Apicius BiblioBazaar 2009 9781110821747  
Apicius A Critical Edition with an Introduction and an English Translation of the Latin Recipe Text Apicius Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Apicius, C. W. Grocock, Sally Grainger Prospect 2006 9781903018132  
Around the Table of the Romans Food and Feasting in Ancient Rome Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Patrick Faas Palgrave Macmillan 2002 9780312239589  
A Taste of Ancient Rome  Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa University of Chicago Press 1994 9780226290324  
Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome A Bibliography, Critical Review, and Translation of the Ancient Book Known as Apicius de Re Coquinaria Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Apicius, Joseph Dommers Vehling Courier Dover Publications 1977 9780486235639  
Cooking Apicius Roman Recipes for Today Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Sally Grainger, Andras Kaldor Prospect Books 2006 9781903018446  
Empire of Pleasures Luxury and Indulgence in the Roman World Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Andrew Dalby Psychology Press 2000 9780415186247  
Hittite Cookery an Experimental Archaeological Study Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Asuman Albayrak Metro Cultural Publications 2009 9789944018814  
Olivia's Cookbook Roman Recipies Adapted for the 21st Century Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Ivana Ožanić Roguljić Gradski muzej Vinkovci 2008 9789537008161  
Roman Cookery Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Mark Grant Serif 2008 9781897959602  
Roman Cookery Recipes & History Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Jane M. Renfrew English Heritage 2004 9781850748700  
Roman Cookery Elegant & Easy Recipes from History's First Gourmet Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Apicius, John Edwards Hartley & Marks 1986 9780881790115  
The Classical Cookbook  Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Andrew Dalby, Sally Grainger Getty Publications 1996 9780892363940  
The Pharaoh's Kitchen Recipes from Ancient Egypt's Enduring Food Traditions Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Magda Mehdawy, Amr Hussein American Univ in Cairo Press 2010 9789774163104  
The Roman Cookery Book The Roman Cookery Book Cuisine & Recipes Antiquity Barbara Flower, Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum Harrap 1958   
A Soup for the Qan Chinese dietary medicine of the Mongol era as seen in Hu Szu-Hui's Yin-shan cheng-yao  Cuisine & Recipes Asian Paul D. Buell, Eugene Newton Anderson, Husihui Kegan Paul International 2000 9780710305831  
Food and Fantasy in Early Modern Japan  Cuisine & Recipes Asian Eric Rath University of California Press 2010 9780520262270  
The Niʻmatnāma Manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu the Sultan's book of delights Cuisine & Recipes Asian Norah M. Titley RoutledgeCurzon 2005 9780415350594  
A Booke of Cookerie and the Order of Meates to Bee Serued to the Table Both for Flesh and Fish Dayes with Many Excellent Wayes for the Dressing of All Vsuall Sortes of Meates. (1629) Cuisine & Recipes English Thomas Dawson Eebo Editions 2010 9781171310402  
A Book of Fruits and Flowers Shewing the Nature and Use of Them, Either for Meat Or Medicine as Also, to Preserve, Conserve, Candy, and in Wedges, Or Dry Them Cuisine & Recipes English  BiblioBazaar 2010 9781171255260 Reprint of book originally published in 1656 
A Collection of Ordinances and Regulations for the Government of the Royal Household, Made in Divers Reigns From King Edward III. to King William and Queen Mary. Also Receipts in Ancient Cookery Cuisine & Recipes English  Society of Antiquaries of London 1790   
A Daily Exercise for Ladies and Gentlewomen Whereby They May Learne and Practice the Whole Art of Making Pastes, Preserues, Marmalades, Conserues, Tartstuffes, Gellies, Breads, Sucket Candies, Cordiall Waters, Conceits in Sugar-workes of Seueral Kindes Cuisine & Recipes English John Murrell Falconwood Press 1990  Originally published in 1617 
A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke  Cuisine & Recipes English John L. Anderson Scribner 1962   
A Gathering of Medieval English Recipes  Cuisine & Recipes English Constance B. Hieatt Brepols 2008 9782503528984  
A Good Huswifes Handmaide for the Kitchin Containing Manie Principall Pointes of Cookerie, Aswell how to Dresse Meates, After Sundrie the Best Fashions Vsed in England and Other Countries Cuisine & Recipes English  BiblioBazaar 2010 9781240159598 Reprint of book originally published in 1594 
All the King's Cooks The Tudor Kitchens of King Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace Cuisine & Recipes English Peter Brears Souvenir Press 2011 9780285638969  
An Ordinance of Pottage An Edition of the Fifteenth Century Culinary Recipes in Yale University's MS Beinecke 163 Cuisine & Recipes English Constance B. Hieatt & Eulalia Pensado Prospect Books 1988 9780907325383  
A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye Margaret Parker's Cookery Book Cuisine & Recipes English Catherine Frances Frere, Margaret Parker Corpus Christi College 2002  Introduction and Glossary; Together with Some Account of Domestic Life, Cookery and Feasts in Tudor Days, and of the First Owners of the Book, Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Margaret Parker His Wife 
A Propre New Booke of Cokery Declaryng what Maner of Meates Bee Best in Ceason for All Tymes of Ye Yere and how Thes Ought to Bee Dressed and Serued at the Table Bothe for Fleshe Daies and Fisshe Daies Cuisine & Recipes English  BiblioBazaar 2010 9781171274018 Reprint of book originally printed in 1545 
Cocatrice and Lampray Hay Late Fifteenth-Century Recipes from Corpus Christi College Oxford Cuisine & Recipes English Constance Hieatt Prospect Books 2012 9781903018842  
Concordance of English Recipes Thirteenth through Fifteenth Centuries Cuisine & Recipes English Constance B. Hieatt, Terry Nutter, Johnna H. Holloway Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2006 9780866983570  
Cooking and Dining in Medieval England  Cuisine & Recipes English Peter C. D. Brears Prospect Books 2008 9781903018552  
Cooking & Dining in Tudor & Early Stuart England  Cuisine & Recipes English Peter Brears Prospect Books 2014 9781909248328  
Curye on Inglysch English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (including the Forme of cury) Cuisine & Recipes English Constance B. Hieatt Early English Text Society 1985 9780197224090  
Delights for Ladies to Adorne Their Persons, Tables, Closets, and Distillatories, with Beauties, Banquets, Perfumes and Waters  Cuisine & Recipes English Hugh Plat BiblioBazaar 2010 9781240409044 Reprint of book originally printed in 1640 
Dining with William Shakespeare  Cuisine & Recipes English Madge Lorwin Atheneum 1976 9780689107313  
Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book Elizabethan Country House Cooking Cuisine & Recipes English Hilary Spurling Faber & Faber, Limited 2008 9780571247332  
Fish Volume 1 of The Book of Boiled Meats, 1580-1660 Cuisine & Recipes English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1999 9781858041445  
Food and Feast in Tudor England  Cuisine & Recipes English Alison Sim Sutton 2005 9780750937726  
Forme of Cury  Cuisine & Recipes English  British Library (Digitized Manuscripts) C. 1420  Forme of Cury, a treatise on cookery by the chief cook of Richard II’s household, composed c.1390. 
Gourmets Guide, 1580-1660  Cuisine & Recipes English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1995 9781858040530  
Londoners' Larder English Cuisine from Chaucer to the Present Cuisine & Recipes English Annette Hope Mainstream 2005 9781840189650  
Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine  Cuisine & Recipes English William Carew Hazlitt Popular Edition 1902   
Seven Centuries of English Cooking A Collection of Recipes Cuisine & Recipes English Maxime De La Falaise Grove Press 1994 9780802132963  
Shakespeare's Kitchen Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook Cuisine & Recipes English Francine Segan, Tim Turner, Patrick O'Connell Random House 2003 9780375509179  
Take a Buttock of Beefe  Cuisine & Recipes English Verity Isitt Ashford, Buchan & Enright 1988 9780907069577  
Take a Thousand Eggs or More A Translation of Medieval Recipes from Harleian MS. 279, Harleian MS. 4016 and extracts of Ashmole MS. 1439, Laud MS. 553, and Douce MS. 55, with nearly 100 recipes adapted for modern cookery Cuisine & Recipes English Cindy Renfrow Royal Fireworks Press 2011 9780898249507  
The Boke of Keruynge The Book of Carving Cuisine & Recipes English Wynkyn de Worde, Peter C. D. Brears Southover Press 2003 9781870962193  
The British Museum Cookbook  Cuisine & Recipes English Michelle Berriedale-Johnson, British Museum British Museum Publications 1988 9780714116631  
The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened  Cuisine & Recipes English Kenelm Digby Echo Library 2007 9781406861204  
The Culinary Recipes of Medieval England  Cuisine & Recipes English Constance B. Hieatt Prospect Books 2013 9781909248304  
The English Housewife  Cuisine & Recipes English Gervase Markham McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP 1994 9780773511033  
The Englishman's Food A History of Five Centuries of English Diet Cuisine & Recipes English J. C. Drummond, Anne Wilbraham Pimlico 1991 9780712650250  
The Forme of Cury  Cuisine & Recipes English Samuel Pegge General Books LLC 2010 9781153702959  
The Good Housewife's Jewel  Cuisine & Recipes English Thomas Dawson Southover Press 2002 9781870962124  
The Shakespeare Cookbook  Cuisine & Recipes English Andrew Dalby British Museum Press 2012 9780714123356  
To the King's Taste  Cuisine & Recipes English Lorna Sass British Psychic & Occult Society 1998 9780946014286  
To the Queen's Taste  Cuisine & Recipes English Lorna Sass British Psychic & Occult Society 1998 9780946014293  
Traditional food in Shropshire  Cuisine & Recipes English Peter C. D. Brears Excellent Press 2009 9781900318396  
Tudor Cookery Recipes and History Cuisine & Recipes English Peter C. D. Brears English Heritage 2003 9781850748687  
Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books  Cuisine & Recipes English Thomas Austin BiblioBazaar 2010 9781172302864  
Zinziber Sauces from Poitou Cuisine & Recipes English Giles E. M. Gasper, Faith Wallis, Caroline Yeldham, Rachael V. Matthews, Andy Hook Prospect Books 2014 9781909248342 Twelfth century culinary recipes from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, MS 51 
A Medieval Home Companion Housekeeping in the Fourteenth Century Cuisine & Recipes French Tania Bayard Harper Collins Publishers 1991 9780060166540  
Chiquart's On cookery A Fifteenth-century Savoyard Culinary Treatise Cuisine & Recipes French Chiquart, Terence Scully P. Lang 1986 9780820403526  
Culinaria France Cuisine, Country, Culture Cuisine & Recipes French Andre Domine, Gunter Beer H. F. Ullmann 2010 9783833151132  
Du Fait de Cuisine  Cuisine & Recipes French Chiquart ACMRS 2010 9780866984027 Translated by Terence Scully 
Early French Cookery Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations Cuisine & Recipes French D. Eleanor Scully, Terence Peter Scully University of Michigan Press 2002 9780472088775  
How to Cook a Peacock  Cuisine & Recipes French Taillevent, Taillevent/Jim Chevallier Chez Jim 2004 9781411642768  
How to Cook A Peacock Le Viandier - Medieval Recipes by Taillevent Cuisine & Recipes French Jim Chevallier Chez Jim 2004 9781411642768 A translation of the 15th century version of Taillevent's LE VIANDIER, one of the first professional cookbooks. 
Savoring the Past The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789 Cuisine & Recipes French Barbara Ketcham Wheaton Simon and Schuster 1996 9780684818573  
The Elixirs of Nostradamus Nostradamus' Original Recipes for Elixirs, Scented Water, Beauty Potions, and Sweetmeats Cuisine & Recipes French Nostradamus Moyer Bell 1996 9781559211550  
The Goodman of Paris (Le Ménagier de Paris) A Treatise on Moral and Domestic Economy by a Citizen of Paris, c.1393 Cuisine & Recipes French Eileen Power Boydell Press 2006 9781843832225  
The Good Wife's Guide A Medieval Household Book Cuisine & Recipes French Gina L. Greco, Christine M. Rose Cornell University Press 2009 9780801474743  
The Viandier of Taillevent An Edition of all Extant Manuscripts Cuisine & Recipes French Taillevent, Terence Scully University of Ottawa Press 1988 9780776601748  
The Vivendier A Critical Edition with English translation Cuisine & Recipes French Terence Scully Prospect Books 1997 9780907325819  
Buch von guter Speise  Cuisine & Recipes German Melitta Weiss Adamson Medium Aevum Quotidianum 2000 9783901094125  
Culinaria Germany Cuisine, Country, Culture Cuisine & Recipes German Culinaria Germany H. F. Ullmann 2011 9783833151286  
Das Kochbuch der Sabina Welserin  Cuisine & Recipes German Sabina Welserin Carl Winter 1980 9783533029052  
Dreihundertjähriges Deutsches Kloster-Kochbuch  Cuisine & Recipes German Bernhard Otto Reprint-Verlag-Leipzig 2002 9783826215001 German Monastery Cookbook 
Festins Mérovingiens  Cuisine & Recipes German Alain Dierkens, Liliane Plouvier Le Livre Timperman 2008 9782952403221  
Küchenmeisterei Edition, Übersetzung und Kommentar zweier Kochbuch-Handschriften des 15. Jahrhunderts Cuisine & Recipes German  Peter Lang 2010 9783631595800 The Küchenmeisterei, published the first printed German-language cookbook already in 1485 in Nuremberg with Peter Wagner, rapidly underwent numerous editions and imprints, including in 1486 when Johann Peter in Augsburg and in 1487 with Peter Schöffer in Mainz. Have been preserved with the Codex 490 S Central Library Solothurn and the handwriting GB 4 ° 27 of the Historical Archive of Cologne also two handwritten versions that are in close connection with the early printing. Both versions are presented here for the first time in a critical edition, each with a description of the manuscripts, a provision of the writing languages, a translation, commentary and authorities trying to clarify the relationships between the manuscripts and early printed books. A reprographic reproduction of the Cologne manuscript allows the user to compare the edition. The glossary provides information about the meaning of rare words. A Recipe concordance allows the rapid comparison between the two most authoritative early edition and printing of Wagner and of Peter. 
Küchenmeisterey  Cuisine & Recipes German  BoD – Books on Demand 2010 9783861951506 Reprint of 15th century German cookbook. 
Libellus de Arte Coquinaria An Early Northern Cookery Book Cuisine & Recipes German Rudolf Grewe, Constance B. Hieatt Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 2001 9780866982641  
The Kitchen, Food, and Cooking in Reformation Germany  Cuisine & Recipes German Volker Bach Rowman & Littlefield 2016 9781442251281 This books aims to give everybody else an overview of German foodways at a crucial juncture in its history. The Reformation era, broadly speaking from the Imperial Reforms of the 1480s to the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War, laid the foundations for many developments in German culture, language, and history, not least the notion of its existence as a country. Understanding the food traditions and habits of the time is important to anyone studying Germany’s culinary history and identity. 
Culinaria Hungary  Cuisine & Recipes Hungarian Anikó Gergely Könemann 1999 9783829026185  
The Cuisine of Hungary  Cuisine & Recipes Hungarian George Lang Penguin Books, Limited 1993 9780140469349  
Pipraðir páfuglar Matargerðarlist Íslendinga á miðöldum Cuisine & Recipes Icelandic Sverrir Tómasson  Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag 2017  English Translation of title: Peppered peacocks - Icelandic cuisine in the Middle Ages 
The Ni'matnama Manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu The Sultan's Book of Delights Cuisine & Recipes Indian Norah M. Titley Routledge 2004 9781134268061 The Ni'matnama is a late fifteenth-century book of the recipes of the eccentric Sultan of Mandu (Madhya Pradesh), Ghiyath Shahi, collected and added to by his son and successor, Nasir Shah. It contains recipes for cooking a variety of delicacies and epicurean delights, as well as providing remedies and aphrodisiacs for the Sultan and his court.  
The Ni'matnama Manuscript of the Sultans of Mandu The Sultan's Book of Delights Cuisine & Recipes Indian Norah Titley Taylor & Francis 2005 9780415350594  
Culinaria Italy Cuisine. Country. Culture Cuisine & Recipes Italian Claudia Piras H. F. Ullmann 2010 9783833151187  
Epulario Or the Italian Banquet Wherein Is Shewed the Maner How to Dresse and Prepare All Kind of Flesh, Foules Or Fishes As Also How to Make Sauces Cuisine & Recipes Italian Giovanne De Rosselli Eebo Editions, Proquest 2010 9781171324461  
Invito alla mensa del mercante del Trecento Usi, arnesi e ricette della cucina medievale Cuisine & Recipes Italian Rosanna Caterina Proto Pisani, Josephine Rogers Mariotti Polistampa 2009 9788859606109  
La Cucina Medievale Lessico, Storia, Preparazioni. Biblioteca Dell Cuisine & Recipes Italian Enrico Carnevale Schianca Olschki 2011 9788822260734  
Liber de Coquina Das Buch der guten Küche Cuisine & Recipes Italian Robert Maier Friedrich Verlagsmedien 2005 9783937446080  
Libro de Arte Coquinaria BOOK OF CULINARY ART; FACSIMILE OF CA. 1465 MANUSCRIPT ON CD-ROM Cuisine & Recipes Italian Maestro Martino of Como, Gillian Riley Octavo 2006 9781891788833  
Libro novo nel qual s'insegna a far d'ogni sorte di vivanda Facsimile of 1610 Printing Cuisine & Recipes Italian Cristoforo di Messisbugo Nachdruck Sala Bolgnese 1980   
Platina's On Right Pleasure and Good Health A Critical Abridgement and Translation of de Honesta Voluptate Et Valetudine Cuisine & Recipes Italian Platina, Mary Ella Milham Pegasus Press 1999 9781889818122  
Pomp And Sustenance Twenty Five Centuries Of Sicilian Food Cuisine & Recipes Italian Mary Taylor Simeti Harper Collins 1998 9780880016100  
The Art of Cooking The First Modern Cookery Book Cuisine & Recipes Italian Maestro Martino, Luigi Ballerini, Jeremy Parzen, Stefania Barzini University of California Press 2005 9780520232716  
The Neapolitan Recipe Collection Cuoco Napoletano Cuisine & Recipes Italian Terence Scully, Pierpont Morgan Library University of Michigan Press 2000 9780472109722  
The Opera of Bartolomeo Scappi (1570) L'arte et Prudenza d'un Maestro Cuoco Cuisine & Recipes Italian Bartolomeo Scappi, Terence Scully University of Toronto Press 2008 9780802096241  
A Drizzle of Honey the Lives and Recipes of Spain's Secret Jews Cuisine & Recipes Jewish David M. Gitlitz, Linda Kay Davidson Macmillan 2000 9780312267308  
The Sephardic Kitchen The Healthful Food and Rich Culture of the Mediterranean Jews Cuisine & Recipes Jewish Robert Sternberg HarperCollins Publishers 1996 9780060176914  
A Baghdad Cookery Book the book of dishes (Kitāb al-ṭabīkh) Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan Ibn al-Karīm, Charles Perry Prospect Books 2005 9781903018422  
À la table du Grand Turc  Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Stéphane Yerasimos Sindbad 2001 9782742734436  
Annals of the Caliphs' Kitchens Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq's tenth-century Baghdadi cookbook Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern al-Muẓaffar ibn Naṣr Ibn Sayyār al-Warrāq, Nawal Nasrallah BRILL 2007 9789004158672  
A Persian Cookbook The Manual Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Saman Hassibi & Amir Sayadabdi Prospect Books 2018 9781909248599 The original manuscript was drafted by Iranian, Bavarchi Baqdadi, after a spiritual journey in 1521.  
Celebration at the Sarayi Reliving a feast in the palace of Suleyman the Magnificent Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Channon Mondoux TEC Publishing 2009 9780981533803  
Delights from the Garden of Eden A Cookbook and History of the Iraqi Cuisine Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Nawal Nasrallah Equinox Publishing Limited 2013 9781845534578  
Dining at the Safavid Court Madatolhayat [The Substance of Life] Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern M. R. Ghanoonparvar Mazda Publishers 2017 9781568593067 "Madatolhayat" is one of the few pre-twentieth century Persian culinary sources to have survived. Its author, Nurollah, was the chef to the most renowned king of the Safavid Dynasty, Shah Abbas I (1588-1629).  
Flavours of Byzantium Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Andrew Dalby Prospect 2003 9781903018149  
Il Liber de ferculis di Giambonino da Cremona la gastronomia araba in Occidente nella trattatistica dietetica Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Anna Martellotti, Giambonino (da Cremona) Schena 2001 9788882292720 Latin translation of 11th century Arabic cookbook 
In a Caliph's Kitchen David Waines Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern  Riad El-Rayyes Books Ltd 1989 9781869844608  
La Cocina Hispano-Magrebí Durante la Epoca Almohade  Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Ambrosio Huici Miranda, Manuela Marín Ediciones Trea 2005 9788497041751  
Medieval Arab Cookery  Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Maxime Rodinson, Arthur John Arberry, Charles Perry Prospect Books 2001 9780907325918  
Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World A Concise History with 174 Recipes Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Lilia Zaouali, M. B. DeBevoise, Charles Perry University of California Press 2009 9780520261747  
New Food of Life Ancient Persian & Modern Iranian Cooking & Ceremonies Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Najmieh Batmanglij Mage Publishers 1997 9780934211345  
RELIEVES DE LAS MESAS, ACERCA DE LAS DELICIAS DE LA COMIDA Y LOS DIFERENTES PLATOS  Cuisine & Recipes Middle Eastern Ibn Razin Al-Tugibi, Manuela Marin (Translator) TREA 2007 9788497043229 Translated into Spanish 
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Bread for the People The Archaeology of Mills and Milling Food History, Single Topic  David Williams, David Peacock Archaeopress 2011 9781407308487  
Cod A Biography of the Fish that Changed the World Food History, Single Topic  Mark Kurlansky Penguin 1998 9780140275018  
Dates A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Nawal Nasrallah Reaktion Books 2011 9781861897961  
Delayed Desserts A Collection of Recipes for Desserts Both Suitable and Appropriate for Society Occasions Food History, Single Topic  Johnnae L. Lewis Folump Enterprises 1987 9781556800009  
Encyclopedia of Pasta  Food History, Single Topic  Oretta Zanini De Vita University of California Press 2009 9780520255227  
Farmhouse Christmas Fare 1580-1640  Food History, Single Topic  Stuart Peachey, Robert Morris, Turloch McSween Stuart Press 1993 9781858040288  
Fish Food from the Waters Food History, Single Topic  Harlan Walker Oxford Symposium 1998 9780907325895 Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery 1997 
Fish Saving  A History of Fish Processing from Ancient to Modern Times Food History, Single Topic  Charles L. Cutting L. Hill 1955 B000OM12M4  
Hot Dog A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Bruce Kraig Reaktion Books 2009 9781861894274  
Ice Cream A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Laura B. Weiss Reaktion Books 2011 9781861897923  
Ice Creams, Sorbets and Gelati  Food History, Single Topic  Caroline Weir, Robin Weir Casemate Pub & Book Dist LLC 2011 9781904943464  
Lobster A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Elisabeth Townsend Reaktion Books 2011 9781861897947  
Menus from History Historic Meals and Recipes for Every Day of the Year Food History, Single Topic  Janet Clarkson Greenwood Press 2009 9780313349300  
Of Sugar and Snow A History of Ice Cream Making Food History, Single Topic  Jeri Quinzio University of California Press 2009 9780520248618  
Olive A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Fabrizia Lanza Reaktion Books 2011 9781861898685  
Pancake A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Ken Albala Reaktion Books 2008 9781861893925  
Pie A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Janet Clarkson Reaktion Books 2009 9781861894250  
Salt A World History Food History, Single Topic  Mark Kurlansky Bloomsbury Publishing USA, 2002 9780802713735  
Sauces Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making Food History, Single Topic  James Peterson John Wiley & Sons 2008 9780470194966  
Six Thousand Years of Bread Its Holy and Unholy History Food History, Single Topic  H.E. Jacob, Peter Reinhart Skyhorse Publishing Inc. 2007 9781602391246  
Soup A Global History Food History, Single Topic  Janet Clarkson Reaktion Books 2010 9781861897749  
Sugar-Plums and Sherbet the prehistory of sweets Food History, Single Topic  Laura Mason Prospect Books 2003 9781903018286  
Sweet Invention A History of Dessert Food History, Single Topic  Michael Krondl Chicago Review Press 2011 9781556529542  
Sweets: A History of Candy  Food History, Single Topic  Tim Richardson Bloomsbury Publishing USA 2003 9781582343075  
Testicles Balls in Cooking and Culture Food History, Single Topic   Blandine Vié, Giles MacDonogh (trans.) David Brown Book Company 2011 9781903018835 It is part cookery book, part dictionary and part cultural study of testicles: human and animal. 
The Book of Marmalade its antecedents, its history, and its role in the world today, together with a collection of recipes for marmalades and marmalade cookery Food History, Single Topic  C. Anne Wilson University of Pennsylvania Press 1999 9780812217278  
The Food of Spain  Food History, Single Topic  Claudia Roden HarperCollins 2011 9780061969621  
The Realm of Fig and Quince From Mesopotamia to the Maghreb Food History, Single Topic  Ria Loohuizen Prospect Books 2010 9781903018743  
Vegetables A BIOGRAPHY Food History, Single Topic  EVELYNE BLOCH-DANO University of Chicago Press 2012 9780226059952 In capsule biographies of eleven different vegetables—artichokes, beans, chard, cabbage, cardoons, carrots, chili peppers, Jerusalem artichokes, peas, pumpkins, and tomatoes—Evelyne Bloch-Dano explores the world of vegetables in all its facets, from science and agriculture to history, culture, and, of course, cooking. 
Garum and Salsamenta production and commerce in materia medica Food History, Single Topic Antiquity Robert Irvin Curtis E.J. Brill 1991 9789004094239  
The History and Culture of Japanese Food Naomichi Ishige Food History, Single Topic Asian Naomichi Ishige Kegan Paul 2001 9780710306579  
A History of the Worshipful Company of Cooks, London  Food History, Single Topic English  Privately printed for the Worshipful Company of Cooks 1932   
Book of Biscuits and Cakes, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1996 9781858040837  
Book of Breads, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1996 9781858040820  
Book of Comfit Making, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1997 9781858040974  
Book of Frying and Grilling 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 2002 9781858041247  
Book of Pies, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1995 9781858040592  
Book of Salads, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1993 9781858040264  
Book of Sausages: 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1998 9781858041179  
Cheese and Cheesemaking in Britain  Food History, Single Topic English Ivan Day SHIRE PUBLICATIONS LTD 2013 9780747812067   
English Bread and Yeast Cookery  Food History, Single Topic English Elizabeth David Grub Street 2011 9781906502874  
Jellies & Their Moulds  Food History, Single Topic English Peter Brears Prospect Books 2011 9781903018767 This book sketches in the history of jellies, particularly in England, and discusses their place within a meal 
The Book of Boiled Meats, 1580-1660: Beef, pork and game  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1999 9781858041476  
The Book of Boiled Meats, 1580-1660: Mutton and lamb  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Peachey  9781858041469  
The Book of Preserving Fruit, 1580-1660 , Volume 2  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1997 9781858040998 Food History, Single Topic English Valerie Essex Cheke Routledge & K. Paul 1959   
Volume 4 of The Book of Boiled Meats, 1580-1660  Food History, Single Topic English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 2000 9781858041490  
Arranging the Meal A History of Table Service in France Food History, Single Topic French Jean Louis Flandrin University of California Press 2007 9780520238855  
La Cuisine des Monastères  Food History, Single Topic French Marc Meneau, Annie Caen Editions de la Martinière 1999 9782732425511 written in French 
Khoch-Buech der durchleuchtigisten fuerstin und freilein ertzhertzogin Anna zu Oesterreich  Food History, Single Topic German Anna zu Oesterreich Hill Museum & Manuscript Library   Anna of Austria Cookbook copy for scholarly research is available for sale 
Speisen wie die Äbte und essen wie die Mönche ein Mondseer Kochbuch Ein Mondseer Kochbuch aus dem 15. Jahrhundert und andere Zeugnisse der Küchenkultur des Klosters Mondsee in älteren Zeiten Food History, Single Topic German Arnold Nauwerck Selbstverl 1998 9783950085808  
Byzantine Cuisine  Food History, Single Topic Greek Henry Marks Henry Marks 2002   
Encyclopedia of Pasta  Food History, Single Topic Italian Zanini De Vita Oretta, Oretta Zanini De Vita University of California Press 2009 9780520944718 Provides a complete history of pasta in Italy, telling its long story via the extravagant variety of shapes it takes and the even greater abundance of names by which it is known. 
Italian Cuisine A Cultural History (Arts and Traditions of the Table) Food History, Single Topic Italian Áine O'Healy Columbia University Press 2003 9780231122320  
Pomodoro! A History of the Tomato in Italy Food History, Single Topic Italian David Gentilcore Columbia University Pres 2010 9780231152068  
The Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables of Italy (1614)  Food History, Single Topic Italian Giacomo Castelvetro, Gillian Riley Prospect Books 2009 9781903018644  
Sherbet and Spice The Complete Story of Turkish Sweets and Desserts Food History, Single Topic Middle Eastern Mary Isin I. B. Tauris 2012 9781848858985  
The Early History of the Potato in Europe  Food History, Single Topic Multi-Regional John Gregory Hawkes, J. Francisco-Ortega Kluwer Academic Publishers 1993   
Food Matters Alonso Quijano's Diet and the Discourse of Food in Early Modern Spain Food History, Single Topic Spanish Carolyn A. Nadeau University of Toronto Press 2016 9781442637306 Through an inventive and original engagement with this text, Carolyn A. Nadeau explores the shifts in Spain's cultural and gastronomic history. Using cooking manuals, novels, poems, dietary treatises, and other texts, she brings to light the figurative significance of foodstuffs and culinary practices in early modern Spain. 
Fish in Art  Food in Art  Christine Jackson Reaktion Books, Limited 2012 9781861898999  
The Secret Middle Ages  Food in Art  Malcolm Jones Praeger 2002 9780275979805 "Love, Death and Biscuits." pages 1-12 
Sweets at Court paintings and other tasty treats Food in Art Italian Giovanna Giusti Galardi Sillabe 2001   
Tastes and Temptations Food and Art in Renaissance Italy Food in Art Italian John Varriano University of California Press 2009 9780520259041  
A Medieval Flower Garden  Gardens  Chronicle Books Staff Chronicle Books 1995 9780811807692  
Gardens of the Middle Ages  Gardens  Marilyn Stokstad, Jerry Stannard, Dumbarton Oaks Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas 1983   
In a Unicorn's Garden  Gardens  Judyth A. McLeod Murdoch Books 2008 9781921208577  
Locus Amoenus Gardens and Horticulture in the Renaissance Gardens  Alexander Samson John Wiley & Sons 2012 9781118232811  
Mediaeval Gardens  Gardens  John Harvey B.T. Batsford 1981 9780713423952  
Mediaeval Gardens Flowery Medes and other Arrangements of Herbs, Flowers, and Shrubs Grown in the Middle Ages Gardens  Sir Frank Crisp Hacker Art Books 1966   
Medieval Flowers  Gardens  Miranda Innes, Clay Perry Kyle Cathie 2002 9781856264181  
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Monastic Gardens  Gardens  Mick Hales, Michael Hales Stewart, Tabori & Chang 2000 9781556709821  
Roman Gardens  Gardens  Anne Jennings English Heritage in association with the Museum of Garden History 2006 9781850749356  
The Medieval Flower Book  Gardens  Celia Fisher British Library 2007 9780712349451  
The Medieval Garden  Gardens  Sylvia Landsberg University of Toronto Press 2003 9780802086600  
The Medieval Garden Design Book  Gardens  Ramona Jablonski Stemmer House Publishers 1982 9780880450119  
Tudor & Stuart Gardens  Gardens  Anne Jennings English Heritage 2005 9781850749363  
Garden plants 1580-1660 Culinary plants, Volume 1 Gardens English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1996 9781858040790  
Garden Plants 1580-1660: Medicinal and ornamental  Gardens English Stuart Peachey Stuart Press 1996 9781858040813  
A Treatise on the Canon of Medicine of Avicenna  Health & Medicine  Avicenna Luzac 1970   
Dispensatorium Parvum  Health & Medicine  Sābūr ibn Sahl, Oliver Kahl BRILL 1994 9789004100046  
Early Arabic Pharmacology An introduction based on Ancient and Medieval Sources Health & Medicine  Martin Levey Brill Archive 1973 9789004037960  
Medical and Para-Medical Manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah collections  Health & Medicine  Haskell D. Isaacs, Colin F. Baker Cambridge University Press 1994 9780521470506  
Medieval Dietetics Food and Drink in Regimen Sanitatis Literature from 800 to 1400 Health & Medicine  Melitta Weiss Adamson P. Lang 1995 9783631488713  
Practical Materia Medica of the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean According to the Cairo Genizah  Health & Medicine  Efraim Lev, Zohar Amar BRILL 2008 9789004161207  
Sābūr ibn Sahl's Dispensatory in the Recension of the ʻAḍudī Hospital  Health & Medicine  Sābūr ibn Sahl, Oliver Kahl BRILL 2009 9789004171244  
Tacuinum Sanitatis An Early Renaissance Guide to Health Health & Medicine  Alixe Bovey Sam Fogg 2005 9780954901431  
The Castel of Helthe, Gathered  Health & Medicine  Sir Thomas Elyot in aedibus T. Bertheleti 1539   
The Dispensatory of Ibn at-Tilmīd̲̲̲ Arabic text, English Translation, Study and Glossaries Health & Medicine  Hibat Allāh ibn Ṣāʻid Ibn al-Tilmīdh, Oliver Kahl BRILL 2007 9789004156203  
The Medical Formulary of Al-Samarqandi  Health & Medicine  Najīb al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn 'Alī al-Samarqandī, Martin Levey, Noury Al-Khaledy University of Pennsylvania Press 1967 B000Q11JBC  
The Medical Formulary of Aqrabadhin  Health & Medicine  Abu Yusuf Yacqub Ibn Ishaq al- Kindi The University of Wisconsin Press 1966 B001A0IRDQ  
The Medieval Health Handbook Tacuinum Sanitatis Health & Medicine  Luisa Cogliati Arano George Braziller 1992 9780807612774  
The Small Dispensatory  Health & Medicine  Sābūr ibn Sahl, Oliver Kahl BRILL 2003 9789004129962  
The Treasury of Healthe Conteynyng Many Profitable Medycines Gathered out of Hypocrates, Galen and Auycen Health & Medicine  Pope John XXI, Humphrey Llwyd, Hippocrates In Fletestreate at the sygne of the Rosegarland by Wyllyam Coplande 1553   
The Trotula A Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine Health & Medicine  Monica Helen Green University of Pennsylvania Press 2001 9780812218084  
The World of Pharmacy and Pharmacists in Mamlūk Cairo  Health & Medicine  Leigh Chipman BRILL 2010 9789004176065  
A Closet for Ladies and Gentlevvomen Or, the Art of Preserving, Conserving, and Candying with the Manner how to Make Diverse Kindes of Syrupes Health & Medicine English  BiblioBazaar 2010 9781117785929 Reprint of book originally published in 1614 
Leechcraft Early English Charms, Plant-Lore and Healing Health & Medicine English Stephen Pollington Anglo-Saxon Books 2000 9781898281238  
Renaissance Secrets Recipes and Formulas Health & Medicine English Jo Wheeler, Katy Temple Victoria and Albert Museum 2009 9781851775774  
The Treasurie of Hidden Secrets Commonly Called, the Good-Huswives Closet of Provision Health & Medicine English John Partridge BiblioBazaar 2010 9781171359807 Reprint of book originally printed in 1637 
The Widowes Treasure Plentifully Furnished with Sundry Precious and Approoued Secretes in Phisicke and Chirurgery for the Health and Pleasure of Mankinde Health & Medicine English John Partridge BiblioBazaar 2010 9781171278108 Reprint of book originally published in 1588 
The Secretes of the Reuerende Maister Alexis of Piemount Contayning Excellent Remedies Agaynste Diuers Dyseases, Woundes, and Other Accidentes Translated Out of French Into Englishe Health & Medicine French William Ward BiblioLife 2010 9781171312703  
Regalo de la Vida Humana  Health & Medicine Spanish Juan Vallés, Fernando Serrano Larráyoz Gobierno de Navarra 2009 9788423530960  
The Mirror of Coitus  Health & Medicine Spanish Michael Ray Solomon Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies 1990 9780940639485  
Dangerous Tastes The Story of Spices Herbs & Spices  Andrew Dalby University of California Press 2002 9780520236745  
Descripción de Algunas Plantas Raras Encontradas en España y Portugal  Herbs & Spices  Charles de L'Écluse, Carolus Clusius, Luis Ramón-Laca Menéndez de Luarca, Ramón Morales Valverde Junta de Castilla y León, Consejería de Cultura y Turismo 2005 9788497183154 A translation of Carolus Clusius' Spanish flora "Rariorum aliquot stirpium per Hispanias observatarum historia", originally published in 1576. The original was in Latin. 
Gerard's Herball The Herball of Generall Historie of Plantes Herbs & Spices  John Gerard Howe 1927   
Herbs A Global History Herbs & Spices  Gary Allen Reaktion Books, Limited 2012 9781861899255  
Herbs for the Mediaeval Household For Cooking, Healing and Divers Uses Herbs & Spices  Margaret B. Freeman Metropolitan Museum of Art 1943 0870990675  
Out of the East Spices and the Medieval Imagination Herbs & Spices  Paul H. Freedman Yale University Press 2009 9780300151350  
Spice The History Of A Temptation Herbs & Spices  Jack Turner Knopf 2004 9780375407215  
Spices A Global History Herbs & Spices  Fred Czarra Reaktion 2009 9781861894267  
Tastes of Paradise a social history of spices, stimulants, and intoxicants Herbs & Spices  Wolfgang Schivelbusch Vintage Books 1993 9780679744382  
The Scents of Eden A History of the Spice Trade Herbs & Spices  Charles Corn Kodansha America 1999 9781568362496  
The Spice Route A History Herbs & Spices  John Keay University of California Press 2007 9780520254169  
The Taste of Conquest The Rise and Fall of the Three Great Cities of Spice Herbs & Spices  Michael Krondl Ballantine Books 2007 9780345480835  
An Ancient Egyptian Herbal  Herbs & Spices Antiquity Lise Manniche University of Texas Press 1989 9780292704152  
Plant Names of Medieval England  Herbs & Spices English Tony Hunt D.S. Brewer 1989 9780859912730  
The Greate Herball which Geueth Parfyte Knowledge and Vnderstandinge of Al Maner of Herbes, and Theyr Gracious Vertues Herbs & Spices English  BiblioBazaar 2010 9781240159116 Reprint of book originally published in 1561 
Kräuterbuch  Herbs & Spices German Pietro Andrea Mattioli, Joachim Camerarius Fischer 1611   
Cumin, Camels, and Caravans A Spice Odyssey Herbs & Spices Multi-Regional Gary Paul Nabhan University of California Press 2014 9780520956957  
Natural Magick  Natural Philosphy Italian John Baptista Porta NuVision Publications 2005 9781595479822 A reprint of a translation of a Neapolitan scholar's treatise on natural and physical scienes. Includes a section on cookery. 
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