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Subtleties & Food Presentation

The links here are resources on historical information as well as retailers of equipment that are useful for creating Subtleties or enhancing your Food Presentation.
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SiteCategoryAdditional Information
CANDIED VIOLETS Information Frederick, Duke of Swabia particularly loved this amusing and refined sweet; ironically, the violet became, in the last few centuries, symbol of Parma, the very city where he was defeated. 
Medieval Cooks and Food Illusions Information Article & Video from The Blogging Butler 
Playing to the Senses: Food as a Performance Medium Information  
Shaped Pies Information Album of photos on Cooking the Books ( These geometric, decorative shaped pies would be excellent for Elizabethan banquets when filled with colored jellies or with various creams. 
Edible Gold Retailer  
Edible Gold Leaf Supplies Retailer  
House on the Hill Retailer Springerle and Speculaas Cookie Molds for Baking, Crafting, Decorating, etc. Retailer Food Grade Silicone Mold Rubber & Mold Making Supplies 
ShopKamal Retailer Mamoul Cookie Molds 
Springerle Joy Retailer Springerle Cookie Molds 
Squires Kitchen Retailer Edible Gold & Silver Leaf 
Sur La Table Retailer Edible Gold & Silver 
TheSpringerleBaker Retailer Molds made in North Carolina; by a baker for a baker. 
Wandering Wood Products Retailer make and sell carved and decorated wooden objects with a medieval flavor for use in the Society for Creative Anachronisim, including:Cookie Presses, Carved boxes, Carved Plaques, Blank plywood shield shapes and custom decorated heraldic displays 
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