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Historic Food in the News

The following links are news articles that feature food from Prehistory, Antiquity, The Middle Ages, & Renaissance.

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ArticleDate PublishedArea of Interest
Time to eat: Is it possible to recreate accurately historical dishes? Perhaps, but when it comes to food, beware all claims to authenticity April 19, 2013  
Bog butter: a gastronomic perspective October 30, 2013  
Renaissance Table Manners November 28, 2013  
The Ancient History of Deviled Eggs April 18, 2014  
Research in the restaurant: inspiring modern chefs with medieval cuisine June 2, 2014  
Unfolding The History Of Napkin Art August 12, 2015  
When sugar was more expensive than gold May 30, 2016  
How to Make Medieval Pastry Dough March 3, 2009 Baking 
Paleolithic Humans Had Bread Along With Their Meat October 18, 2010 Baking 
Macarons, Macaroons, Macaroni The curious history November 16, 2011 Baking 
Bread in the Middle Ages July 4, 2013 Baking 
Preserved loaf of bread discovered at Pompeii July 22, 2013 Baking 
Possible Saxon bread oven found in Sedgeford dig July 24, 2013 Baking 
How Anne Boleyn wooed Henry VIII with her Maids of Honour custard tarts... and the London tea house still using the recipe that's remained a secret for 500 YEARS January 23, 2015 Baking 
The Great Medieval Bake Off August 24, 2016 Baking 
Who Makes the Best Pastries in Spain? The Nuns, of Course. September 26, 2016 Baking 
Medieval Manuscripts: Bread in the 15th-century November 17, 2017 Baking 
Scientist bakes sourdough bread with 4,500-year-old yeast found in Egyptian pottery August 7, 2019 Baking 
This Bread Was Made Using 4,500-Year-Old Egyptian Yeast August 8, 2019 Baking 
Burgundy Wine Has Long History In France: Remains Of Gallo-Roman Vineyard Discovered In Gevrey-Chambertin March 10, 2009 Beverages 
Beer Lubricated the Rise of Civilization, Study Suggests November 5, 2010 Beverages 
Cave Drops Hints to Earliest Glass of Red January 11, 2011 Beverages 
The Beer Archaeologist July 1, 2011 Beverages 
So Old It’s New, Mead Enjoys a Renaissance February 8, 2012 Beverages 
Alcohol: Social Lubricant for 10,000 Years December 28, 2012 Beverages 
What Was the Drink of Choice in Medieval Europe? May 21, 2013 Beverages 
Did people drink water in the Middle Ages? July 9, 2014 Beverages 
Origins of Human Alcohol Consumption Revealed December 1, 2014 Beverages 
Nicely Aged: How archaeologists recreate ancient booze. January 3, 2015 Beverages 
How to Recreate a Sloppy Ancient Greek Drinking Game January 14, 2015 Beverages 
Boozing With The Bard: How The Masses Find Common Ground With Shakespeare January 28, 2018 Beverages 
This Is What 5,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian Beer Tastes Like May 25, 2018 Beverages 
Arabs, Almonds, Sugar and Toledo July 1, 2004 Cultural 
16th century recipes still tasty today September 2, 2010 Cultural 
Eat like a Viking in Iceland September 9, 2011 Cultural 
The Crazy Romans January 31, 2013 Cultural 
Newly-discovered 12th century recipes to be recreated at Durham University event  April 16, 2013 Cultural 
Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found April 17, 2013 Cultural 
From 800BD (Before Delia): Britain's first ever cookbook used by monks to feed the aristocrats April 20, 2013 Cultural 
Putting the French into French food April 25, 2013 Cultural 
Ancient Headless Remains Offer Clues To Dietary Structure Of Vikings December 6, 2013 Cultural 
Leapin' Lizards! Medieval Arabs Ate the Scaly Creatures March 5, 2014 Cultural 
Richard III was bottle-a-day drinker, study suggests August 17, 2014 Cultural 
The Taste of Medieval Food December 13, 2014 Cultural 
Cooking With The Bard: We Suss Out Shakespeare's Forgotten Foods April 20, 2015 Cultural 
The 1,500-year-old recipe that shows how Romans invented the beef burger May 19, 2015 Cultural 
Museums and the Mafia: The Secret History of Citrus April 18, 2016 Cultural 
In Shakespeare's Plays, Mealtimes Were A Recipe For Drama April 18, 2016 Cultural 
50 Shades Of Shakespeare: How The Bard Used Food As Racy Code April 19, 2016 Cultural 
Snacking In Shakespeare's Time: What Theatregoers Ate At The Bard's Plays April 21, 2016 Cultural 
In Shakespeare's Day, Hunger Tore Through England. His Plays Tell The Tale April 23, 2016 Cultural 
A samosa recipe (and other culinary delights) from a rare 15th century book November 24, 2016 Cultural 
The world’s oldest-known recipes decoded November 4, 2019 Cultural 
Professor Tries Out Recipes That Are Nearly 4000 Years Old, Shares How They Looked And Tasted July 1, 2020 Cultural 
Ye Olde Kitchen Garden July 7, 2011 Garden 
Bedfordshire college preserves the Warden pear February 6, 2013 Garden 
Skirret: the forgotten Tudor vegetable February 18, 2015 Garden 
The Secret History of Citrus April 19, 2016 Garden 
1,000-Year-Old Illustrated Manuscript of Herbal Remedies Available Online September 20, 2017 Garden 
The archaeology of taste: Gargilius Martialis’s Garum June 1, 2009 Ingredients 
3,000-year-old butter discovered in Ireland August 31, 2009 Ingredients 
So You Think You Know Pasta October 13, 2009 Ingredients 
Verjuice Makes Sour Grapes a Good Thing October 26, 2010 Ingredients 
Fish Sauce, Ketchup and the Rewilding of Our Food February 28, 2012 Ingredients 
A Taste of Edible Feces June 4, 2012 Ingredients 
The world's oldest clove tree June 23, 2012 Ingredients 
Hilde Lee: A brief history of pasta August 8, 2012 Ingredients 
Cheese first made at least 7,500 years ago December 12, 2012 Ingredients 
Why did humans start eating cheese in the first place? December 13, 2012 Ingredients 
Neolithic strainer hints at origin of cheese January 17, 2013 Ingredients 
Archaeology: The milk revolution July 31, 2013 Ingredients 
Oldest Evidence of Cooking With Spices Found, Scientists Say August 23, 2013 Ingredients 
The oldest Onion in Denmark December 14, 2014 Ingredients 
Three cheers for the onion January 3, 2015 Ingredients 
Scientists find evidence of wheat in UK 8,000 years ago February 26, 2015 Ingredients 
The Original Fish Sauce October 20, 2016 Ingredients 
The Cavemen's Complex Kitchen October 18, 2009 Kitchen 
Meat Fruit at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in London July 11, 2014 Subtleties 
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