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Historical Cooking by Enthusiasts

The websites listed here are by members of the SCA and other Historical Enthusiasts who share their interest in the Culinary Arts.
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Site NameAuthor
A Cooke Booke of Game, Fishe and Fowle Guillaume des Pyrenees 
Adventures in Period Food Teceangl Bach 
Alysten's Culinary Blog Wendy Marques 
Aoife Finn's Medieval and Rennaissance Cooking Homepage! Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon 
Book of Lost Nights - Medieval Cookery Helen Callaghan 
Charcuterie (Cured Meats) Wulfric of Creigull 
Confections and Cakes Dame Alys Katharine 
Cookie's Latitude Hook William Bar­foot 
Cooking & Food Atlantian A&S Links 
Cooking Rumpolt Mistress Ranvaig's Blog devoted to cuisine of Medieval Germany 
Cooking Vivendier Murienne l'aloiere Blog on cooking recipes from Vivendier 
Feasting Aíbell ingen Dairmata 
French Food Before Taillevent Jim Chevallier 
Friedrich and Hildegard hrista and René Schwab 
Giles fitz Alan Curtis Conrad 
Gode Cookery James L. Matterer 
Hearth Antonia and Sebastian 
Historical Cooking Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté 
Historical Italian Cooking  
Historical Italian Cooking Marco Gavio de Rubeis 
History Cookbook  
Home page of Helewyse de Birkestad Helewyse de Birkestad 
Ian Eats Medieval Ian Kennoven 
Medieval and Renaissance Food Gregory Blount of Isenfir 
Medieval Cooking Edelachtbaar Vrouwe Odriana vander Brugghe 
Medieval Feasts Madhavi 
Medieval & Renaissance Mediterranean Cookery Brighid ni Chiarain 
Medieval Spanish Chef Suey Lord 
Monk’s Modern Medieval Cuisine Dr. Christopher Monk 
Nazirah's Food Nazirah Jetha Garrison 
Plain Fare Kingdom of Drachenwald's Camp Cookery Book 
Recette Médiévale Recette Médiévale 
Recreational Medievalism Cariadoc and Elizabeth 
Renaissance Food Maestra Vittoria Aureli 
Stefan's Florilegium Stefan li Rous 
Swords and Ovens Tomas de Courcy 
Sylvie la chardonnière Cuisine Blog Sylvie la chardonnière  
The Bread Always Rises in the West Wulfric of Creigull 
The Commonplace Boke of Avelyn Grene Kristen Sullivan 
The Dining Niche Urtatim bint 'abd al-Karim al-hakim al-Fassi 
The Past is a Foreign Pantry a blog where the author shares her experience in making meals, cakes, breads, snacks and other culinary curiosities from history 
The Stewpot Period Culinary Guild The Stewpot is an unofficial guild dedicated to the practice and promotion of pre-seventeenth century cookery in the SCA - Kingdom of the Outlands 
Vast Repast Maestro Eduardo 
Showing 43 items