Vngerische Käeßsuppen

Hungarian Cheese Soup

Source: Ein New Kochbuch by Marx Rumpolt, a 16th century collection of German recipes

Original Recipe:

Nimm ein neuwen Käeß/ der vber Nacht gemacht ist/ vnd rüer jhn ab mit saurem Rahm/ thu frische Butter darein/ vnd laß darmit auffsieden/ so zergehet der Käeß. Vnnd wenn du wilt anrichten/ so nimm gebeht Schnitten Brot/ oder von Weck/ vnd geuß die Brüeh darüeber/ so ist es ein gute Vngerische Käeßsuppen.

Translation: (Translated by M. Grasse)

Take a new cheese/ that (was) made overnight/ and stir it up with soured cream/ put fresh butter therein/ and let (it) come to a boil therewith/ so the cheese breaks down. And when you want to prepare it (serve it)/ so take sliced bread/ or from a loaf. And pour the broth over (it)/ so is a good Hungarian cheese soup.

My Interpretation:

1 pint cottage cheese, small cured
1 oz feta cheese
½ cup sour cream 8 slices toasted bread or large hard-crusted rolls
¼ cup butter  

Put Cottage cheese and sour cream and feta cheese into blender or food processor, blend until smooth. Pour blended cheese and butter in a crock pot and cook over high heat until cheese melts and forms a sauce. Serve over a slice of toasted bread or in a bread bowl made of the large hard-crusted rolls.


  • Cottage cheese is fresh cheese curds mixed with cream and was chosen to be used as the bulk cheese component for this dish. I highly encourage making your own fresh cheese.
  • The addition of the feta cheese is to give a little body of taste to the cottage cheese.


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