Vegetable Dishes

These recipes are vegetarian friendly.
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Bonen Frieusieren mit Speck Fried Beans with Bacon 
Brat Ruben Fried Root Vegetables 
Brodo de Ciceri Rosci Chickpea Soup 
Caboches in Potage Cabbage Soup 
Ciurons Tendres Ab Let De Melles Chickpeas with Almond Milk 
Cucummern Cucumber Salad 
Erbeßsuppen Pea Soup 
Finocchio Sautéed Fennel 
Funges Mushrooms with Leeks 
Fungi di Monte Mountain Mushrooms 
Gesotten Zwibelsalat Cooked Onion Salad 
Gruen FeldtSalat Green Field Salad 
Guiso de Lentejas Lentil Stew 
Insalate Italian Herb Salad 
Insaleggiata di Cipolle Roasted Onion Salad 
Köel Ruben Stewed Turnips 
Menestra d'herbette Herb Soup 
Minces Little Cabbages (Brussels Sprouts) 
Peselli Fresche con Petrosillo et Menta Fresh Peas with Parsley and Mint 
Salat English Herb Salad 
Salsa A Bolets Mushrooms with Sauce 
Sparaci Asparagus with onion 
Spenat Fried Spinach with Bacon 
Spynoches Yfryed Fried Spinach 
Tart in Ymber Day Onion & Egg Pie 
Torta d'Agli Garlic and Cheese Torte 
Zucche Fritte Fried Zucchini 
Showing 27 items