These sauces are a great accompaniment to roasted meats, poultry or fish. During the Middle Ages many of the culinary texts had whole chapters devoted just to sauces.
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Agraz Verjuice Sauce 
Aulx camelins pour Raye French Garlic Cinnamon Sauce 
Cameline French Cinnamon Sauce (14th Century) 
Condimente Honey Mustard Sauce 
Emplumeus de Pomes Apple Sauce 
Gyngener Ginger Sauce 
Hærræ Salsæ Sauce for the Lords (Cinnamon Sauce) 
Ius in Pisce Rubellione Red Wine Sauce for Red Snapper or Sea Bream 
Juvert Green Herb Sauce 
Moustarde French Mustard Sauce 
Salçero para Perdius o Gallines en Ast Almond & Pomegranate Sauce 
Salsa biza per deu Escudelles Garlic Pine Nut Sauce 
Sapor de Progna Secche Dried Plum Sauce 
Sauce Gamelyne English Cinnamon Sauce (15th Century) 
Savore Camelino Optimo Italian Cinnamon Sauce 
Savore Rinforzato Perfetto Perfect Strong Sauce 
Sawse Camelyne English Cinnamon Sauce (14th Century) 
Toroñges Salsero d'Herbes Orange Herb Sauce 
Verde Sawse Green Herb Sauce 
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